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If there's one thing we've learned, it's hard to make substantial change on your own. The most important movements require collaboration.  With so many serious issues facing the world, we've committed ourselves to encouraging Leadership and Development for the next generation by elevating and promoting good leaders & content as Models & Inspiration. Inspiration is only powerful once it's heard. Meet the Partners who Inspire Us.

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The Retired NFL Players Congress

Alile Sharon Larkin

When you purchase an Official NFL Licensed Jacket you're supporting Retired NFL Athletes!


The Community of Retired NFL Players have established a democratically elected Congress with legal status to represent all Retired Players improving benefits and overall quality of life. 


The Congress has defined and set forth the following most urgently needed and important goals, which at this time are the establishment of:

  • A business partnership with the National Football League, its Teams and other Corporate Partners and eliminate being placed in a perpetual state of begging for what we have earned.

  • A vehicle(s) that fairly markets and promotes retired players. Methods, programs and partnerships equivalent to, or matching, that which is provided by Major League Baseball to raise the level of pension and benefits of all NFL retirees.

  • Vesting in all benefits for all who played the game.





Tyrone Stokes aka Lyrically Twisted and his band Dope by Design

SunWhoaLove & BUILD Apparel


LT, also known as Lyrically Twisted, is a Hip Hop Artist out of Pomona California. His music consists of creative hip hop, unique r&b and inspirational poetry. His style is focused on intricate combinations and strong lyrical delivery. Through his music, he presents listeners with potent, meaningful ideas while also illustrating raw and energy-filled lyricism and hip hop entertainment. LT also Performs and records with his band, Dope by Design, which features a fusion of jazz, funk, rock, & hip hop sounds.

SuNWhoa Love’s music is a fusion of hip hop and soul fueled by the Kingdom of Heaven. He is honest and expressive in nature, while staying true to his funky and versatile upbringing. Before committing his creative gifts unto the Lord, SuNWhoa was a founding member of the Pomona rap group, The Circuit. Since then, He has independently released, “4:00 AM” the mixtape and his debut album, “Kingdom Influence”, with a new album on the way. Most recently expanding his territory into youth ministry, film, and a positive lifestyle apparel company, SuNWhoa has discovered his purpose in ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion and zeal has opened doors for SuNWhoa to travel to Japan, Florida, and throughout California; from major venues and churches to the streets of Skid Row. The commitment to continue maturing both creatively and spiritually makes SuNWhoa’s future bright. We can expect great things from this servant of the Lord. 

BUILD Apparel

BUILD is not only a clothing brand, but an affirmation to our identity. We dress to express, and declare who we are through our apparel.


We are a Bold, Unashamed, Intentional, and Love-Driven people on a mission to BUILD Relationships, Community and a Legacy.


Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Outside of apparel, we are committed to strengthening our communities by sponsoring concerts and trade workshops geared towards building up our youth and neighborhoods.

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