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There are nearly 12 million children in the United States with disabilities.

Most have Siblings.

What would our lives be like if we carried nothing forward from our loving experiences? Reflecting on our short nine years of intensely loving Aliah truly humbles us. God graciously used our time with this happy little boy to perfect us for what He prepared us for. His memory is a comforting blessing. Aliah always responded to our efforts to care for him with laughter and gratitude. He lay bare our hearts and equipped us to embrace other remarkable children.

We want you to know there is so much more to him than a syndrome that trapped his body and kept him from flying free like all kids should fly. Aliah must have known that someday he would be a conduit for blessing many children like his own sister.

The depth of love between siblings when one has severe disabilities is inexplicable. Siblings assume the roles of protectors, interpreters and friends. We can all learn something from that unique insight and selflessness…simply unconditional love.  Siblings are often left out, frequently on the back burner, and often the neighborhood child... but we never forget their nobility. As parents it stirs the heart to witness that special relationship of unconditional love that supersedes  physical and mental challenges, and appreciates the true person.
Let us always remember siblings of children with severe, multiple, life-threatening disabilities are also special children placed in our care. 


Since 2003 the Aliah Sweet Fragile Hearts Foundation has made hundreds of siblings feel special by granting wishes and providing support programs. 

With enormously grateful hearts and joy we say “Thank You” for YOUR part in helping us support siblings.

- Joe, Storme' and Ariel Sweet


The ASFHF is a 501c3 organization Providing support for siblings of children with severe, multiple, life-threatening disabilities.
TAX ID: 270063419

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